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Anson B. Walker
Author, Wellness Consultant,
and Featured Guest on ESPN Radio "The Zone"
Anson is the most driven person I’ve ever met. Not only does he talk the talk, he definitely walks the walk. He is deeply committed to helping others achieve their goals in fitness and wellness.
Varsity Football WR Coach, Varsity Boys Track Head Coach, Athletic Advancement Coordinator 
Anson is one of the most adventurous, pure-hearted guys that I know. Love that guy.
Oil & Gas Executive 
Anson’s dedication is inspiring to all who know him and work with him.
He has shown me how to push myself to become a better me!
Executive, John Deere
A scholar and a gentleman, Anson has forged a rare combination of brains and brawn to overcome adversity and achieve success through helping others. His story is one of determination, faith, and perseverance.

About Anson B. Walker
Anson overcame tremendous odds to lead thousands of people to reach their fitness potentials. A certified personal trainer and wellness consultant with more than 25- years experience, Anson is also a highly decorated veteran with the U.S. Navy, and mentor with Wounded Warriors. A popular radio show host on ESPN’s The Zone, Anson is often called to provide motivational talks, sharing his comeback story after serving time in jail, multiple injuries, and a near-death accident. A former investment advisor, Anson earned an MBA from Delta State University, is certified by the American Sport and Fitness Association and the American Fitness Professional Association. Based in Madison, Mississippi, Anson is engaged to Tiffany Gunn.
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